At Philadelphia K9, our detection services are a force multiplier to prevent the impact of unmitigated risks at your home, business, or location. Our canine teams are ideal to bolster existing security measures and are trained to the highest standards. Our masterful team of canine professionals have a track record of exemplary service in delivering security and detection solutions while remaining compliant with state, local, federal, and international laws.

Philadelphia K9 offers various K9 Team narcotic and explosive services to fit the security needs of your specific business, home, or location. We realize that each site, facility, and treatment program is different. Our expert leadership can advise and tailor working dog services to fit the needs of your specific organization. We search everywhere, from a Professional Sports Stadium to a single-family home.

The primary reason to use a private detection team is that you can only rely on a Police K-9 team if you receive a direct threat. Local police departments don’t have enough resources to commit to the ever-increasing demands within the public domain; therefore, they cannot be proactive and attend the thousands of public events and venues unless they receive a credible threat. Private K9 sniffing companies can also imprint their dogs on several odors police do not have probable cause to search. This gives us a wide range of substances we can locate. 


In all types of searches either residential, business, or industrial- safety is crucial to the institution’s success, and the discretion and confidentiality that Philadelphia K9 Services provides is the ideal way to avoid messy, unnecessary publicity. The results of our drug search are strictly for your use only. We have no affiliation or duty to report to any law enforcement or government organization.

 Explosive searches differ because once there is a positive indication of an explosive odor, our team will provide another sweep of the area to confirm. Should the K9 alert a second time, local authorities will be contacted to handle the threat further. 

All Philadelphia K9 Services’ narcotic detection K9 teams are proven to effectively provide a versatile, efficient, and real-time search and detection capability that can offer significant benefits to your treatment facility, including:

  • Detection of concealed drugs is 100,000 times more effective than a human, cutting your search time by hours and allowing your staff to continue their day-to-day operations efficiently.
  • Assist in preventing and deterring drug abuse within your treatment facility, providing additional peace of mind for all clients to ensure a safe and sober living environment throughout all stages of their sobriety for a continuous successful, sustainable recovery.
  • Potential for liability reduction associated with various offered treatment programs.

All of our drug detection K9s are trained to find most illegal and legal narcotics, including marijuana, heroin, cocaine, meth, ecstasy, and LSD, as well as commonly abused medications such as Hydrocodone, Oxycontin, Xanax, Vicodin, as well as some over the counter medications. Our explosive K9s can identify the same explosive odors as your local police department, as well as IED-type explosives. We use traditional explosive dog detection and person-bourne explosive detection to track moving targets.  


At Philadelphia K9 Services, we take great care in training our canines and treat every dog with respect and dignity. We believe K9 safety, security, comfort, and well-being are paramount. Philadelphia K9 working dogs are trained using Operant Conditioning or positive reinforcement, where the dog is incentivized to perform during a simulated scenario. This method has been proven to be the most efficient training technique in the industry, ensuring peak performance in the field. Our K9 sniffing teams carry at least one certification, with any of them holding 3. This provides world-class check and balances to keep our k9 and their handlers at peak performance. 


Virtually any place we are contracted to search. That includes homes, schools, businesses, government buildings, military bases, event facilities, cars, boats, and airplanes.


With all treatment centers, schools, hospitals, events spaces, and shelters, prevention is always crucial to ensure a safe and secure environment for all clients and staff. We suggest bi-weekly or monthly K9 searches to help you maintain the safety of your clients, visitors, and community members.


At Philadelphia K9, we strive to meet the needs of each client. Before your search, each client is given an option of how they would like the search to be conducted; whether you would like complete discretion or additional exposure for further deterrence, Philadelphia K9 will follow all instructions given by our clients to ensure a successful client experience.


This will depend on several factors. Factors that affect how long a search will take can include the size of the area, how many rooms, the type of contents in the area, and if vehicles will be searched as well. A typical residential house with 2500 square feet or less takes approximately one hour.



Our goal is to get the best price for you possible. Distance, Frequency, Size, and Urgency all factor into pricing. 
Feel free to call us today at 610-517-3717 to get an estimate.